Follicular Grouping the Innovative Hair Transplant Technique

Experiments performed through the health service provider Dr. Sieger in 1996 gave great credence to the surgical technique of single follicle hair transplantation. Hair transplantation was more or less dropped.
Although the results of surgical hair recovery with the use of follicle unit transplants were good and aesthetically pleasing, this form of hair transplant surgery suffered from the disadvantage of requiring a long-term period (6-8 hours) for transplant completion. This included teams of fairly skilled assistants in the hair transplant procedure for separating the follicular devices. Because the road takes a long time and a lot of talent the procedure turns out to be a very high price for the patient. The surgical damage caused to the follicle when particularly close follicle devices are collectively dissected aside, and in addition began to affect the consequences of hair restoration surgery. click here for more info

Reduced achievement in follicle-grafting units has been more common in surgical procedures of hair recovery completed by hair transplant surgeons, and operating a highly effective follicular graft surgery from time to time. The reality has changed much more subject to a medical expert who specializes in hair transplants. The number one motive for the discounted success price has been that the assistants of a hair transplant professional lack the information and relish the uniqueness in the success of individual follicle units and their rapid analysis.

Ensuring that the follicle unit remains intact and dissected and implanted in the scalp within the shortest sustainability, is essential for increasing the chances of the hair follicles surviving the method and developing. But whenever an assistant is unable to address this crucial component, he has influenced the effects.

For the reasons mentioned above, a method that leaves the follicle unit intact but at the same time advocates the use of follicle groups with three and four hairs for surgical hair recovery, developed with the help of innovative hair transplant surgeons. This system has been replaced and it has been discovered that it has many blessings on implanting follicle units.

One hair follicle unit no longer always contains unmarried hair and may contain 2 and four hairs in an unmarried guy. When the follicular devices are discovered very close to each other within the donor pores and skin sample, it is not recommended to separate them as it may cause itrogenic damage to them. The advantage of this truth is taken to create groups of three and four hairs when two two-haired follicular gadgets or a three-haired unit and a single-haired unit are placed very close to each other. An institution (of 1 – four follicle units that are probably placed next to each other) that is implanted as a single implant leads to advanced hair growth and at the same time reduces the surgical damage and trauma on the recipient web page.

The hair transplant technique The use of natural corporations for surgical treatment of hair transplant has many blessings:

1. This affects a much faster hair transplant technique because it saves time to separate each follicle unit and takes much less time to place.

2. Hair transplant technique prevents iatrogenic damage to follicular gadgets during the dissection episode.

3. It reduces the itrogenic damage in the entire segment of the position due to the fact that the follicle groups are not as fragile as the follicle devices because of the larger tissue attached to them.

4. As this hair transplant method is performed faster, it allows the implants to be ignored from the body for a shorter period of time and increases their survival fee.

five. The last but no longer most significant advantage of this hair transplant method is that it reduces the cost of surgical surgery for hair transplantation and is at a low cost to the patient.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the hair follicle grouping method can be used as an essential device in the arms of a general practitioner for a miracle hair transplant specialist to create wonders through hair surgery! Success and hair transplantation in a natural search calls for strategic planning! The kibbutz technique does not undermine the importance of single follicle hair transplantation but actually flatters it by maintaining more unmarried follicular units to define the hairline. The 2-hair follicle organizations can be used for gradual area without backlash to the hairline and use more density, however no longer larger, 3-hair organizations to provide the hair density to the bald scalp from behind. Apart from keeping the hair in the donor place for hair transplantation this fate is innovative

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