Three Movies Out Now to Watch Before Awards Season

For lovers of film and television entertainment, keeping up with all the new releases and high quality films can be a struggle. Luckily, there are plenty of blogs and movie review websites that do a great job presenting high quality critical reviews and recommendations. Without them, nearly no one would have the time to keep up with everything that comes out. หนังออนไลน์, by the time some time is carved out in the week to see a flick, it is already on streaming services or nominated at an award show. Here are three movies out now to watch before awards season.

1. Venom The film

Venom, chronicles the introduction of one of Marvel’s most unique and strange villain named Venom. In the comic book series, he becomes one of Spider Man’s worst enemies along with carnage. In this release, Eddie Brock- a journalist, is striving to take down Carlton Drake, a rich a powerful inventor who is the founder of the Life Foundation. While investigating at one of the labs, Eddie Brock comes into contact with an alien life form that merges itself with his body. Living on his body like a suit, Venom offers up extreme superhuman strength and power that becomes too intoxicating for Brock to resist. When Carlton Drake dons his own “suit,” things get interesting as the stakes continue to rise higher and higher.

2. Aquaman

In this epic and watery tale, Jason Mamoa revives his role as Aquaman. The film takes place in what is supposed to be the most advanced civilization on earth, the underwater city of Atlantis which now happens to be ruled by King Orm, an overzealous and power driven ruler. With plans to divide and conquer the other underwater cities one by one, the overall goal is to come to the surface and take over all of humanity. Aquaman, King Orm’s hybrid human-fish brother is all that stands in his way. Embarking on a true heroe’s journey, Aquaman must team up with his royal counselor to concoct a plan that will save humanity and return the rule of Atlantis to the proper heir.

3. Mary Poppins Returns

Disney’s film Mary Poppins was a hit of epic proportions. Kids from many generations are familiar with the original film and now a whole new generation will get to experience this spin off. Mary Poppins Returns has Emily Blunt starring as Mary Poppins. The plot has Michael Banks, a bank teller, finding out that his house is scheduled to be repossessed if he is unable to come up with the funds necessary to pay back his mortgage loan. To buy time, he must find a certificate that has gone missing that shows he inherited valuable shares from his father years earlier. Just when Michael begins to lose hope, he is visited by the famous Mary Poppins, his nanny from childhood, who takes both Michael and his sister on a magical journey filled with shenanigans and memorable fun.

Consider these films the next time you are planning to see a new release.

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